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New Wholesalers are welcome at Rxeed!

By joining Rxeed.com your organization can start selling prescription drugs to qualified pharmacies throughout the U.S. New Wholesaler in no time.

As a member of Rxeed, you can upload your drug inventory to our website on an hourly or daily basis, and upload your daily specials.

Once we have your inventory uploaded, you can then set pricing and shipping information and approve pharmacies for online purchase. Rxeed verifies that all pharmacies are screened for a valid State Pharmacy License and a DEA License.

After a pharmacy places an order from your organization, you will be sent an order notification via email. You then tell us which items you are able to ship. You ship the product and bill the pharmacy directly and provide shipping information to the buying pharmacy. We do not collect funds from the purchasing pharmacy.

Rxeed does not collect a fee if we are unable to help you sell your prescription drugs.

Interested? Please call us at 1-833-MY-RXEED to get started today!